Your NetSpend Account Changes – Phishing Fraud

It’s not often that spammers impress us, but whomever is behind the latest NetSpend Phishing fraud has really rung the bell for quality in an email fraud.

A typical email arrives with:

Subject:      Your NetSpend Account Changes (#39)
From:     NetSpend <>

The body of the message is short and simple, and goes the extra step of including your name (or email login) in the introductory line:

Hello Bruce,

You did not provide complete information about yourself
Please note that some of your personal information is either missing or incorrect.

To see error details, Log On to your NetSpend Online Banking account:…

Thank You,
NetSpend Customer Service

NetSpend Corporation
PO Box 2136
Austin, TX 78768-2136

While the Phishing email itself isn’t too elaborate, they’ve checked their spelling and grammar and also presented a convincing hyperlink to follow.

Where the pride of workmanship really comes through is in the Phishing site itself.  You see, you really aren’t going to go to but instead one of many Phishing sites at addresses such as:


Because they’ll eventually be taken down, we’ve captured a screen shot of these absolutely perfect replicas of the actual NetSpend web site:

NetSpend Phishing Fraud

Click for Larger Image

While they’re simply looking to steal your identity, they clearly pay attention to detail and care about their work. And, with this masterful effort, whomever they are, you can rest assured that they’re going to snare more than a net full of victims willing to provide their username and password to this Phishing campaign.

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10 Responses to “Your NetSpend Account Changes – Phishing Fraud”

  1. machelle webb says:

    heres one even better. I had my netspend account not even 2 weeks. put my social security checks in direct deposit. account was phished for everything i had except 2 dollars. netspend says i have to wait 10 to 15 days for them to investigate. meanwhile there goes my dish tv electric, thank god i have a understanding landlord. this is just wrong

  2. machelle webb says:

    is netspend willing to pay late charges, and the inconvenience and embarassment that they have put me through Hummm i guess we will see.

  3. Cypress says:


    Phishing is when a fraudulent message or web site disguises itself as a legitimate company or entity you already do business with and coaxes you into voluntarily revealing/submitting your own sensitive personal information to them. We take the bait, as in fishing.

    My girlfriend received such an anonymous text message on her cell phone today which gave a local phone number which asked to enter Netspend account info. She doesn’t even have an account.

    If you had a legitimate Netspend account, and money was stolen from it, and you didn’t accidentally, voluntarily give out your account or login information to one of these such schemes, then your Netspend account was hacked or accessed by a malicious third party, not “phished.”

    Start looking at the people or organizations you deal with that have your Netspend account information. They may not be trustworthy. Or look closely at Netspend themselves and their internal security measures. You might consider not doing business with them. Prepaid card companies are pretty much bloodsuckers anyway.

  4. Sinthorn says:

    I got scammed !

  5. shelly meredith says:

    I was phished today for almost 1000. I went to bed with 950 woke up with 1.66. THey even took my savingsand transferred it to a card 4046540000006305 but it desnt show in the netspend system however you can only transfer money to another netspend card. They are a scam. i AM GOING TO HAVE THEM INVESTIGATED . RIGHT BEFORE THAT I GOT A TEXT MESSAGE THAT SD MY ALERTS TO MY ACCOUNT HAD BEEN TURNED OFF AND IF I DIDNT AUTHORIZE IT TO CALL THEM I CALLED AND THEY SD NOTHING I ASKED IF MY ACCOUNT HAD BEEN TAMPERED WITH THEY SD NO. THEN I FIND OUT MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN WIPED OIT. IF YOU HAVE INFO ON THIS REPLY TO THIS POST.

  6. OnlyMyEmail Anti-Spam Team says:


    We’re really sorry to hear that. We haven’t noticed any activity with this particular scam lately. Based on what you say it sounds like they’re moving their focus to phones. Our best suggestion at this point is to check out the federal government’s fraud info page:

  7. Debbie Breski says:

    I have had Netspend for over a year and have never had a problem till lately. On April 25th of this year I called them and ordered a new premier over the phone as my got washed in the washing machine. I received my card on 05/02/2011 and I new that I had at least 518.00 on it as I had had 2 loads from my paycheck put on it. I had used it once I activated it.

    I went to the store and made a purchase and I knew I had the money to get what I needed and it only paid part of it and I had to go and use another card to make up the difference. When I got home I accessed the internet and found that there were 4 charges on my account in Texas. For Christ sakes I live in Florida.

    Upon contacting customer service manager John I found out that someone had created a virtual card with my information. I didn’t even know that you could create a virtual card on line. I was fuming mad and told John that I felt this was done internally as I had not used that card on line. They had even changed my mailing address, password, etc.

    They are now investigating this and I have closed all cards

  8. ew Message. 1
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    ..netspend com..


    Message flagged
    Friday, June 3, 2011 9:53 AM
    Message body
    Dear Cardholder

    You have received this file because your account has been limited.

    Download the attached file and follow the instructions.

    Other Attachments (< 1 KB)


    this download takes you to login page on Netspend. askes for password which doesn't show dots…… it actually shows ur password

  9. dhanijames says:

    I have had netspend for over 5 years…i have never had to experience any of these issues…I thank god i foind this site so i know what to look for..I am sorry to hear that this happened to you guys