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We are not fond of URL shorteners because, whether they mean to or not, they help spammers. Spammers like to have a lot of URLs that all go to the same site so spam filters don’t see the same URL over and over and realize it’s spam.

The whole purpose of URL shorteners is to create domain aliases so they’re a perfect tool for spammers.

Here’s an example:

Subject: Your mailbox is over its size limit

You have exceeded the storage limit on your mailbox.

You will not be able to send or receive new mail until you upgrade your email quota.

Click on the below link to fill the account upgrade form.

System Administrator

These mailbox phishing campaigns are a dime a dozen and we’ve written about them before. We’re posting this one in order to highlight‘s participation in the spam wars’ endless game of whack-a-mole.

The link in this particular “mailbox over quota” fraud went to the domain which belongs to, a URL shortening service. Normally you would find some sort of phishing form expecting you to type in your email address and password but by the time we got there we found this:
click image for larger version

Nipped in the bud. Thank you

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