Your Order – Malware!

Another high volume campaign spoofing Amazon email receipts that arrive:

Subject:      Your Order (D17-3394363-2558346)
From:     “” <>

Notice that these email arrive from hijacked zombie PC’s from across the globe and the “Order” number in the subject is randomized in an attempt to evade spam filtering.

The message itself is well designed, using actual Amazon graphics, and the Order numbers and purported sales amounts are both randomized as well:

Amazon Malware Receipt

Click for Larger Image

The idea with this spam is to motivate the recipient into following the link in order to investigate (and presumably cancel) the order they are sure they did not initiate.

And, they’re right, they did not place this order from Amazon. More importantly, the email is not actually from Amazon and the hyperlinks within the email will not take you to Amazon either.

Instead, you’ll be directed to infected malware sites such as:


Some of the links will not specify a document, others use:

  • doc.html
  • xxx.html

Note that other domains and link extensions exist, these are just a few examples.

Regardless of the site or the document specified, the site will attempt to install malware onto your personal computer, so we strongly advise against following any such links and instead discarding these emails outright.

Based on the number of our users that are resending these emails to themselves (even after we block them as spam) the campaign appears to be very convincing.

If you DO receive a correspondence from Amazon and are not sure if it is part of this campaign or not, the safe action is to delete the email and visit your account directly (not though links provided in any email). If there really is an open order that you wish to review and/or cancel, you’ll find it within your Amazon account.

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