What Bank of America Doesn’t Want You To Know

Apparently Bank of America doesn’t want the public to know specific details about all of the various Phishing campaigns that are active on the Internet and that target Bank of America customers.

In a real “BP-ish” management response….  within 24 hours of our last posting Bank Of America Alert: Your Account Has Been Locked – Phish we received a suggestively threatening email from them, which was ALSO sent to one of our collocation providers, and additionally to our Domains by Proxy administrator address, that says, in part:

We have now detected a website, or a redirect to a website, hosted on your network that purports to be a Bank of America or a Bank of America affiliate* website.  The referenced site(s) uses the Marks, leading visitors to believe it is a website sponsored or endorsed by Bank of America or a Bank of America affiliate* while no such sponsorship or endorsement actually exists.

Technically, of course, by way of our displaying and explaining how Phishing attempts are executed it can be argued that we are displaying some of their “Marks” (we assume they mean Trademark content) on our blog site.

The email goes further:

Continued operation of the website in this way is not only likely to result in substantial damage to our reputation and goodwill but also perpetuates the appearance that your network is cooperating with the fraudulent purpose behind the website.

We request that you please assist us in shutting down the website immediately.

URL – http://blog.onlymyemail.com/bank-of-america-alert-your-account-has-been-locked-phish/

For those of you not familiar with thinly veiled legal threats, when they say:

“Continued Operation”

They mean the publication of the article on our Blog. And, when they reference:

“likely to result in substantial damage to our reputation and goodwill”

That’s their way of saying that they just might suffer some as of yet unspecified economic damages, which are only worth specifying in a lawsuit that might follow, should we not comply by rather immediately removing our Blog post.

Unfortunately, this “threaten legal annihilation as a first response to any perceived negative publicity” is the default method of operation for most big business in the U.S. nowadays, and especially so for “too big to fail” banks that receive taxpayer bailout monies and preferential legislative benefits as a result of their millions and millions and millions of lobbyist and political campaign funding.

For now, we’ll leave this post (and the many others that identify and explain various Phishing tactics used by spammers today) active, but in all reality, Bank of America can and may very well will choose to abuse and bend the legal system into forcing us to remove this posts (and maybe others that reference them) in the future.

For all of you out there that actually (and somewhat naively) still think there are really some First Amendment rights to free speech in America, let’s make it clear that these rights have long since been appended with a giant Asterisk * which states:

“Subject to the whims of any big business with endlessly deep pockets which decides that, for whatever reason, they don’t like what you have to say.”

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