Verizon – Your Bill Is Now Available – Fraud

In the never-ending quest to steal identities, there seems to be no limit to the sites that spammers and cyber-criminals will try to impersonate.

Many web users are now understandably suspicious of emails claiming to come from Ebay, Paypal or their bank. And, we’ve already seen email frauds claiming to come from Netflix, Vonage, Linked-in and of course Facebook.

Now your cellular service emails can no longer be trusted either…..

An email Phishing fraud campaign is actively making the rounds with emails falsely claiming to come from Verizon such as:

Subject:     Your Bill Is Now Available

These Phishing fraud emails are convincing enough that when we block them, we’re seeing many users attempt to us that our filtering is in error (when in fact this is not the case).

These Verizon fraud emails generally look like this sample below:

Verizon - Your Bill Is Now Available Fraud

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Advanced users can check the Internet Delivery Headers and they will see that these emails do not originate from any valid Verizon server.

Less sophisticated users should still be able to “mouse-over” the hyper-links contained in the emails to see that they do not point to

Another clue for most anyone who looks can often be found in the sending address. Rather than using “” in both the Pretty address as well as the actual Header From, the spammers attempt to make it less likely that these emails will bounce back to Verizon by adding random characters, such as:

“” <>


“” <>

Note the color was added by us for emphasis.

As general advice, if you receive any message that you’re not completely sure about, the simplest solution is to just visit the site through your browser, without clicking on any links contained in the email in question.

If there’s a valid alert from Verizon (or Paypal or Netflix or whomever) then the company’s actual site will certainly inform you of this fact.

Clicking on the links in this particular email fraud campaign will lead you to bogus “log in” pages designed to trick you into providing your actual Verizon Wireless username and password.

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