Suppressed Perpetual Free Electric Energy Source – Old School Con

The idea of perpetual motion has fascinated both scientists and con artists for centuries. So far the scientific community hasn’t been able to invalidate the Law of Conservation of Energy but, since laws are merely a suggestion to the scammerific community, breaking a few laws of physics here and there is no problem.

Not being physicists, our objections to the validity of the email below are based more on our knowledge of scams. That, and the belief that if something like this was really invented it would be impossible to keep secret.

Subject: Unveil the Suppressed Method of Creating Perpetual Free Electric Energy Source: sent from Jude Canning

From: <>

Dear Electric Consumer,

Pay Your Electric Bill No More…

A Long Kept Secret For Generating Free
Electricity is Finally On The Open, And
You’ll Never Have To Pay A Single Dime
to the Power Company!

How would you like to create a generator
which creates free electric energy? Using
our easy-to-follow guide, you will be
able create a Magnetic Power Generator
which creates absolutely free energy, and
doesn’t require any resource like wind or
solar energy to function, the magniwork
generator creates energy by itself and
powers your home for free. The generator
works fully off the grid, take a look at
the following diagram to get an idea of
how it works:

Click here:

If you Find it hard to believe how such a
machine could work, then watch the following
video of a man that has built a similar

Click here:


Jude Canning
Free Perpetual Energy Advocate

5291 Jacksonville Ave
Suite 208-1 Sarasota
FL 34237

P.S To unsubscribe, kindly send a blank email
to and put ‘OUT’ as


Here is the link

Maybe the method proposed by the “advertisement” above is a secret because they’re hiding the URL for it behind two URL shortening services. If you visit the link provided in the email,, you will be redirected to  Both and are URL shorteners. We have no idea where this site is really hosted.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that URL shorteners have become a favorite tool of spammers since they can get tons of URLs to put in spam messages without having to register or hack a lot of domains.

There’s also the link to at the very bottom of the email. (We took out the 50,000 line breaks that were keeping it scrolled way out of view. Hiding links is another spam tactic BTW.) This link appears to be there to make spam filters think this message is safe since it links to a completely unrelated blog post.

Finally, we did a little searching for Donald Williams in conjunction with the phrase “free energy” and found this.

As much as we’re looking forward to generating free energy in our own homes, this doesn’t appear to be the answer. We’ll let you know if we find a real solution:)

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