This is just WRONG!

While looking for interesting tidbits for our Lighter Side post this week we ran across the video below. We’re sure that all of the parties involved are nice people and that they mean well, however, the cumulative result is a bit hard to swallow. It would be really funny if it wasn’t so wrong.

These guys decided that they’d take their entire Christmas gift budget for employees and clients and give it to one person as a means of creating a viral email and YouTube marketing video/campaign.

Unfortunately, the way they went about it goes against everything we veterans of the spam wars stand for.

What were they thinking?

First of all, they had to reach the conclusion that it would be fun to give their whole gift budget to the stupidest person they could find among all of their employees and clients. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, they had to document the whole thing on video and release it on YouTube to encourage more people to be stupid. We have to wonder how many people, seeing this video, are now thinking “Gee, maybe that email asking for my banking info is from some crazy guys who want to give me money!” Aarrgghh!

On top of all that, the guy who gets the money turns around and hands it to a Nigerian charity. Oh the irony! You can’t make this stuff up.

Disclaimer: Given that the source of this video is an advertising agency we think the whole thing is made up. If it’s not completely fake then Theo Delaney (the guy that got the money) is probably really smart and figured out that it was his buddies at the ad agency, thus the ironic donation. We have to believe this or lose all faith in humanity.

Real or not, we still think it’s wrong.

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