The Executive Registry, Who’s Who Among Spammers

Bogus “Who’s Who” listings and other similar publications have been around long before the Internet, so there’s nothing new about selling fake credentials and memberships in non-existent “executive” publications.

But, as with many things, Email and the Internet combine to make the scammer’s job easier with a wider and deeper reach, and all for lower cost.

The latest fake credential listing touts your invitation to join “The Executive Registry” and is signed by someone claiming to be “Ethan Andrews” of the “Candidate Review Committee” – for what that’s worth.

Here’s a copy of the latest email:

The Executive Registry Spam
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These solicitations will come from disposable throwaway domains like and which were just registered on August 3rd and 4th, respectively.

There is no home page for these types of disposable domains. Instead they only used to redirect spam recipients to bogus “Confirmation Form – Information Verification” forms that are hosted on other disposable domains; in this case  “” which was only created on April 8, 2011 itself.

Like many disposable spammer domains, doesn’t even bother to load a homepage but instead only displays the bogus registry form below when you follow individually coded spam tracking urls from the email spam campaigns.

Who's Who Fraud - Spammer's Verification Form
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The reason for the widespread use of recently registered disposable domains that don’t load home pages is to try and avoid spam filtering and also so that the spammer can simply rotate into new domain names when the current batch is being blocked by too many spam and browser content filters.

The spammer attempts to pretend that he’s a legitimate enterprise that will honor email opt-out requests by providing a  hyper-link (we don’t suggest you ever follow any link from a spammers email) and and also presents a “street address” to appear to comply with CAN SPAM laws, but the address provided is:

2885 Sanford Ave, Grandville MI 49418

This address is just a drop-box mail forwarding provider:

These types of services are very popular with spammers and scammers across the globe.

Sadly, despite being a pretty obvious scam, many recipients fall for the offer of faux prestige and will actually resend these emails to themselves even after we block them as spam.

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