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OnlyMyEmail Finishes 1st in VBSpam Competition

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

For the 34th test in a row, OnlyMyEmail’s MX-Defender blocked more spam than any other filtering system competing in the Virus Bulletin VBSpam Challenge.

During the latest competition, which ran for 16 days with live email feeds, OnlyMyEmail accurately blocked more spam than all other spam filters, missing one spam email out of 169,565 messages, 160,426 of which were spam.

In addition, OnlyMyEmail did not create a single false-positive result (blocking of legitimate emails) during the test, resulting in another VBSpam+ award.

By comparison, well known solutions performed much worse, with Kaspersky missing 165 and 197 spam emails with their two solutions, Trustwave allowing 234, Sophos missing 332, and SpamHaus failing to capture 5,804 emails from the exact same live feed of messages.

The results from Virus Bulletin’s VBSpam Challenge continually document that OnlyMyEmail’s MX-Defender is decisively superior to any other spam defense available today, having stopped a far higher rate of spam than any other filter tested since the VBSpam Competition began in 2009.

In all, over the years, OnlyMyEmail has significantly outperformed a total of 41 other systems including hardware appliances, software programs and other Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

Quoting from the VBSpam review:

“The OnlyMyEmail hosted email solution…. achieved a final score that, rounded to two decimals, would be 100.”

The full list of competitors to date, (including past competitions) includes:

Anubis Networks, Axway MailGate, BitDefender, CronLab Anti-Spam, Eleven eXpurgate, ESET, FortiMail, GFI MailEssentials, GFI VIPRE, Halon Security, IBM Lotus Protector, IBM X-Force, Kaspersky Anti-Spam, Libra Esva, Mailshell, McAfee Email Gateway, McAfee EWS, McAfee SaaS, Messaging Architects M+ Guardian, MessageStream, modusGate, Netmail Secure, NoSpamProxy, Pro-Mail, Scrollout, Sophos Email Appliance, SPAM Fighter, Spamhaus, Spamhaus ZEN+DBL, SpamTitan, Spider Antispam, Symantec Brightmail, Symantec Messaging Gateway, SURBL, Trustwave Secure, The Email Laundry, Vade Retro, Vamsoft ORF, Webroot, and ZEROSPAM.

OnlyMyEmail Takes First Place in VBSpam Competition

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Competing in the Virus Bulletin VBSpam Challenge, OnlyMyEmail has again blocked more spam than any other filtering system, and for the tenth consecutive time.

The latest competition ran for 16 consecutive days, during which, OnlyMyEmail’s MX-Defender accurately filtered out more spam than all other competitors tested, missing just 12 spam emails out of 242,703 total. This represents a spam capture rate of 99.996%.

By comparison, the next best capture rate was Libra Esva which missed nearly 500% more spam, 77 emails in total. The third best blocking rate went to Spam Titan which missed 183 spam emails from the same spam corpus. The worst performers, missing well over 1,500 spam emails included: Halon Security, CronLab, SPAMfighter, Vamsoft ORF, Spamhaus ZEN+DBL and SURBL.

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Miss Freya and the Taliban Virus

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Today, in the “more proof that there’s nothing new under the sun” category, we’re going to discuss the Taliban Virus.

The so-called “Taliban Virus” is a MANUAL virus. A manual virus requires you to voluntarily damage your computer because the virus is not sophisticated enough to do it by itself.

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Old Fashioned Advice For Avoiding Spam Email

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

If you really want to avoid unwanted email you should use OnlyMyEmail. We block over 99% without critical false positives.If you don’t respect your online identity, nobody else will and before long your in-box will rot and fall off. At least that’s what our mother told us. She also told us to eat our vegetables that we’d go blind if we forwarded email to ourselves.

We usually take what Mom says with a grain of salt.

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International Conference Invitation

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Today we’re going to look at conference invitation fraud. This is not the most common fraud type but it still occurs often enough to deserve mention in our ongoing email fraud series.

Conference invitation fraud goes after your vanity and to a lesser extent your charitable impulses. To fall for this type of fraud you have to believe that your presence would be desired at an international conference on say, racism, or world hunger, or maybe condom use in Africa. Whatever the cause, you are invited to represent your nation or organization at the conference. All you need to do is follow up by contacting the representative listed in the email.

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Is DHL Delivering Virus Attachments?

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Shortly after posting about the UPS virus emails, we now see the virus attack campaign has morphed into a DHL version of the same virus attachment routine.

Just in case anyone is confused about the latest round of emails claiming to now be coming from DHL, let’s make it clear that if they contain an EXE and a ZIP attachment then they’re viruses.

Subject lines for this campaign are fairly similar, with a randomized number tacked onto the end to help avoid simplistic spam filters:

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Is UPS Delivering Virus Attachments?

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

If you or anyone in your organization is confused about the latest round of emails claiming to be from UPS concerning delivery notices, let’s make it clear that if they contain an EXE and a ZIP attachment then they’re most certainly viruses.

Subject lines for this latest campaign are fairly similar, with a randomized number tacked onto the end to help avoid simplistic spam filters:

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