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Email Protocols & Settings, Your Best Choices

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Now that email is everywhere, not only on computers but on phones and tablets, even casual technology users need to understand their email configuration options.

Not only can understanding your choices make managing your email easier, but your efficiency, privacy and security can be greatly enhanced as well.

For receiving email the most common protocol is old good old-fashioned Post Office Protocol (POP3).

Using this protocol any device can download messages from your email hosting servers. If you use multiple devices you might want to configure each device “leave mail on server” for just a few days in order to allow each device enough time to download a copy of each message. Leaving too much mail on your email server for too long can slow down your access and also exceed your email storage quota.  For more on this subject, see: Should I Leave Messages On The Server?
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Currently not permitted to relay through this server – Worst Rejection Ever!

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Of all the confusing and convoluted mail server rejections commonly in use, “Currently not permitted to relay through this server” causes more Support tickets for us than any other.  Worse yet, it’s not even an error that we use, so we find ourselves constantly trying to coherently explain what someone else’s mail server is saying.

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Google Docs Hosts Viagra Spam

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

We’ve certainly seen a lot of spam come out of the Google mail servers in the past, and now we’re seeing even more spam content hosted by the popular Goggle Docs applications as well.

Emails typically have simple subject lines, with intentional misspellings used as an attempt to evade spam filtering.

Examples include:

  • Subject:      We ship direc7 to you
  • Subject:      From Canada4t5 you
  • Subject:      all medic6tions ar3 on S3le
  • Subject:      ricrac7 sue
  • Subject:      See 2uge dis64unts now

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Zoomshare Hosts Spam Where Geocities Left Off

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Now that Geocities closed it’s doors, (more missed by spammers than actual users no doubt) Zoomshare has stepped up to welcome the spamming clientele.

From their homepage:

Welcome Former GeoCities Customers!
Zoomshare: Providing Free Sites Since 2004

While there’s no doubt legitimate users, Zoomeshare doesn’t appear to have any better spam/abuse management than did Geocities.

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