Sympathy From The Devil

The image of Charlie Brown flying through the air after attempting to kick a football and having it snatched away by Lucy has become something of a cultural icon.  To some extent we feel sympathy for Charlie but at the same time we have to wonder why he keeps falling for it.

Time after time Lucy promises to hold the ball and every time Charlie Brown ends up on his back after she tricks him.

Today we’re going to look at the email fraud equivalent of Lucy holding the football.

Every day we see a variety of fraud styles and tactics but it’s not often that we see one with this kind of audacity:

Subject: call me today

From: sky line <>

I want to assure you that there is light at the end of the tunnel after all the disappointment and frustrations that you have gone through in the hands of the fraudsters and impostors. The good news is that you can still receive your beneficiary payment if you do the right thing.

Please do not allow anybody to deceive and defraud you again. I am the only person with the constitutional power and authority to transfer your beneficiary payment.

Without my signature no beneficiary will ever receive one cent from CBN. All the powers to transfer any beneficiary payment belongs to me and to no one else.

There is only one genuine Director of Finance and that is me and no other person.

The only way I can prove myself is to transfer your funds into your account within 24hours that you have fulfilled CBN/ministry of Finance transfer condition.

You have suffered enough in the hands of the fraudsters. It is now time for you to see the light and receive your beneficiary payment. Stop listening to all the stupid, baseless and senseless stories from the fraudsters as to the reasons why your beneficiary payment is being delayed. They are not telling you the truth.

The plain truth is that they do not have the power to effect your beneficiary payment. I am responsible for withholding your beneficiary payment file, so if you like pay, pay, pay to the fraudsters until you are tired and frustrated of paying, you will still not receive one dollar until you adhere strictly to this genuine CBN/ministry of Finance transfer conditions.

Contact me immediately you receive this letter through email if you are serious about receiving your legacy payment. I will effect your transfer within 24hours that you have contacted me.

Rev. Alton Michel(OFR)

Amazing! The paradoxical nature of saying “Please do not allow anybody to deceive and defraud you again” in a fraud message is mind boggling.

This is definitely a contender for the best fraud attempt of the year. But, since the year is still young, who knows what what even more creative cons will follow.

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