Spammers Use Word-Joiner Characters to Encode URLs

Spammers use a variety of tricks and tactics to try and hide the URLs that link spam emails to their spam hosting websites from the various email filtering programs that are trying to catch them.

Many, if not most, of these tricks depend on the fact that today’s browsers (which are used by email programs to display html emails) are extremely forgiving when it comes to non-standard and broken html.

In an effort to be more helpful to end-users, browsers will commonly remove, fix and/or convert many non-human-readable characters.  As a result, the spammer’s hyper-links and URLs can look perfectly normal when viewed within a browser, or to the person reading the email. But, at the same time, these encoded URLs do not appear correctly to many spam filtering programs.

The latest example is the use of  ‘WORD JOINER’ characters.  These characters were never intended to be used in web pages.  Rather, they were created to affect the way text strings are collated, matched or otherwise processed by various text processing programs.

For example, using Word Joiner the characters spelling the domain “” can be encoded as:


If run through many spam filter based this won’t match the domain “” but will appear perfectly normal when viewed through a typical email client application.

The good news is that it is even mildly sophisticated spam filtering solutions can find these characters and also recognize this tactic, using the attempt against the spammers.

In the end, using these encoding tactics to obfuscate their spam web site URLs can actually make it easier to identify and block the spammer’s emails in the first place.

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