RIP Internet Explorer 6

A few weeks ago we posted about Internet Explorer’s most recent vulnerability issue. In that post we noted that IE’s security problems allow millions of computers to be turned into  zombie slaves for spammers and other unsavory elements on the Internet. This week one of the worst offenders in the IE family is being buried in effigy by Denver based design firm Aten Design Group.

IE6, once the most widely used browser on the Internet, has been a thorn in the side of both web developers and security application vendors for the past couple of years. Unfortunately Microsoft has been unwilling to end support for it due to the large number of users still tied to this former Internet icon (pun intended). IE6 continues to hold a 10-15% market share mainly due to businesses that that are still using Windows 2000 server (which restricts which browsers they can run) and/or using web applications that only work with IE6.

This month Google will be driving a couple of big nails into IE6’s coffin by ending YouTube support for IE6 as well as refusing to continue to  support  IE6 in future versions of their widely used web applications. Facebook has also been encouraging users to get rid of IE6 and move to a newer version of IE or another browser.

Although we won’t be making it to IE6’s funeral, we will be happy to see it go. If you are still using IE6 (or any IE for that matter) we’d suggest switching to Firefox or Opera.

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