OnlyMyEmail Captures 100% in Spam Competition

For the thirteenth consecutive evaluation, OnlyMyEmail has again blocked more spam than any other filtering system in the Virus Bulletin VBSpam Challenge and secured yet another first place finish.

The latest competition ran for 16 consecutive days, during which, OnlyMyEmail’s MX-Defender accurately filtered out more spam than all other competitors tested, missing not even one spam email out of 64,988 total. This represents a never before seen spam capture rate of 100%.

In addition, OnlyMyEmail created zero false-positive results (blocking of legitimate emails) during the test, resulting in an overall perfect score.

By comparison, the next best capture rate was a tie between Libra Esva and Scrollout with both missed 17 emails in total and created false-positives of 1 and 25 respectively. The third best blocking rate went to Zerospam which missed 73 spam emails from the same corpus. The worst performers, missing well over 300 spam emails each included:  IBM, McAfee SaaS, Sophos, SPAMfighter, Vamsoft, Spamhaus ZEN+DBL and SURBL.

The average “false-negative” rate among the other competing filtering systems tested was 270 missed spam messages with a median of 261 junk emails penetrating other filters.

To calculate the average and median values we’ve omitted the results from the two worst performing filters, Spamhaus ZEN+DBL and SURBL which missed 3,164 and 27,183 spam messages respectively. Including such low capture rates in these calculations would skew the average and median too greatly.

The results from Virus Bulletin’s VBSpam Challenge have proven, time and again, that OnlyMyEmail’s MX-Defender is decisively superior to any other spam defense available today, having stopped a far higher rate of spam than any other filter tested since the VBSpam Competition began in 2009.

In all, OnlyMyEmail has competed against, and defeated, 34 other systems including hardware appliances, software programs and other Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

Quoting from the VBSpam review:

“This month’s test sets included more than 60,000 spam emails, more than 9,000 legitimate emails and a number of newsletters as well. That is more than the average person receives in a full year. Keep this in mind when you consider the fact that OnlyMyEmail’s hosted anti-spam solution did not classify any of these emails incorrectly. Not a single one. To say that the product’s VBSpam+ award is well deserved is quite an understatement.”

The full list of competitors to date, includes:

Anubis Networks, BitDefender, CronLab Anti-Spam, Eleven eXpurgate, ESET, FortiMail, GFI MailEssentials, GFI VIPRE, Halon Security, IBM Lotus Protector, Kaspersky Anti-Spam, Libra Esva, Mailshell, McAfee Email Gateway, McAfee EWS, McAfee SaaS, Messaging Architects M+ Guardian, MessageStream, Netmail Secure, Pro-Mail, Sophos Email Appliance, SPAM Fighter, Spamhaus, Spamhaus ZEN+DBL, SpamTitan, Spider Antispam, Symantec Brightmail, Symantec Messaging Gateway, SURBL,The Email Laundry, Vade Retro, Vamsoft ORF, and ZEROSPAM.

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OnlyMyEmail is an award winning hosted spam filtering service and business email hosting provider. Our enterprise cloud computing anti-spam solution, the MX-Defender, has the highest capture rate of any spam filter ever tested in the VBSpam Challenge, blocking a record setting 99.9993% of all malicious and junk email.

Our Personal spam filtering system is also a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and has won both the PC World "World Class Award" and also the PC Magazine "Editor's Choice Award."

OME-Kids is a webmail solution that protects children from spam and other harmful emails. OME-Kids offers unique Parental Controls that allow you to choose the level of security and oversight that's right for your child.

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