Notification of Limited Account Access – Paypal Phishing

Paypal users must be easy prey, statistically speaking. Year in and year out, the identity theft Phishing fraud emails just keep targeting them. Once thing is sure, spammers only keep doing what works.

The latest version:

Subject:     Notification of Limited Account Access RXI091
From:     PayPal <>

The Subject line has a randomly generated file code at the end of the line to try and keep spam filters from making exact matches and also to enhance the apparent credibility of the email itself.

The sending address is spoofed, and in reality is neither or but instead comes from infected PC zombie machines, commonly in Europe (for this round anyway):

  • from ([]
  • from ([]

As is common for these frauds, the email alerts the recipient that:

“we regularly screen activity in the PayPal system. During a recent screening, we noticed an issue regarding your account.”

It then goes on to specify a random “case number” such as:

Case ID Number: PP-177-706-064

Here’s an actual screen shot of the latest Paypal Phishing fraud:

Notification of Limited Account Access

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No matter how good a job the spammer does mimicking real Paypal notifications, the link that says:

To confirm your PayPal records click on the following link:

Is going to take you to someplace that is most definitely not a Paypal web site, but instead, a baited attack site waiting to capture and keep your real Paypal login and password.

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