Norton Safe Web Lays An Egg

User’s of any Norton product (owned by Symantec) are running into some very strange errors when trying to access OnlyMyEmail’s web site lately.

In fact, they’re being told that we’re a malicious infected malware site and cannot be trusted.

Pretty startling, given our beyond stellar reputation as the most accurate spam filtering system on the Internet since we launched in 2003, winning awards from PC Magazine, PC World and blocking more spam than any other filter ever tested by the Virus Bulletin VBSpam Competition.

What dangerous and malicious ill-willed behavior are we up to over here recently?

According to Norton (and this data is apparently shared with OpenDNS, FireFox and Google, though maybe the information flows the other way) our unsafe rating that advises users against visiting our site is based on a whopping 1 entire file as an “Identity Threat”

Yes, that’s right:

But it get’s better….. what might that file be?

Norton Safe Web

You can’t actually view the file, but if you look at the URL as reported on their site you’ll notice the path includes:

We’ve added the emphasis in red to make it exceptionally obvious that the file in question is actually just part of a file that we deleted as a phishing threat from one of our client’s inbound email.

The rest of the URL is part of an encoding system we use to obfuscate these emails, but to make it clear to readers here, when we filter email for our client’s, we quarantine those messages for 14 days so the client can review them if they like.

Clearly, users with Norton software installed (and/or related partner services) are having every web page they visit scanned and logged by the SafeWeb service.

When our client in question decided to review the email we blocked (which is done in a browser window) Norton just figured we must be “hosting” the email as part of our regular daily phishing and malware activities.

Never mind we’ve been here since 2003 and have never hosted any malicious files of any sort.

Especially ironic is that when Symantec (which owns the Norton brand) used to compete in the Virus Bulletin Spam Challenge they would perform horribly, missing 200 to 300 spam messages (including Phishing frauds) per test, (and often many more) as compared to our typical results of far fewer than 5 or 10 (and often even fewer).

They dropped out of the competition in late 2013 but here’s a link to their results:

Clearly accuracy for Symantec’s “Norton SafeWeb” system isn’t any better than their email spam filtering.

We’ve begun the process of jumping through the hoops for a “re-evaluation” to see if they can be made to realize that blocking spam and Phishing frauds is what we do, and that if a client chooses to review such a blocked message that’s stored on our server, that doesn’t mean we’re actually a malware site.

But, there’s no direct contact information for their staff, and no guarantee they don’t already know about our company or the absurdity of listing us as “unsafe” to visit.

So, if you choose to use Norton’s SafeWeb services now or into the future, or any of their related partners, and you still wish to visit our web site, you’ll probably have to “add a security exception” when prompted confirming that you’re willing to mix with the dangerous crowd here at OnlyMyEmail.


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