How Spam Filtering Helps You Lose Weight

Extrapolating from the studies quoted in this New York Times column we have reached the astounding conclusion that being exposed to less spam can help you lose weight.

Right about now you’re probably asking yourself “How can this be?” Well, follow us over the jump and we’ll show you.

According to the article

Research has shown that willpower is somewhat like a muscle in that it can get fatigued if overused.

The research cited in the article indicates that your ability to resist temptation will eventually wear out, leading you to give in to whatever temptation you meet after the fatigue sets in.

Therefore, repeated exposure to the temptations of spam — cheap drugs, lonely Russian women, money from Nigerian princes and so on — wears down your will power. Eventually you won’t be able to take it any more and you’ll break out the snack food and start piling on the pounds.

So, if you want to lose weight, get a good spam filter.

Who knew?

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