Hit Man Fraud

In our continuing series on email fraud, the next entry is the rare but highly entertaining “friendly hit man” fraud. This approach is apparently intended to snare the segment of the email reading public that actually expects somebody to hire an assassin to kill them — yes you read that right: hire an assassin — and also believes that the hit man would contact them and offer to be bought off. It’s a stretch, but somebody must buy this crap or this particular fraud genre wouldn’t exist.

Check out this example:

Subject:  HITMAN

From: “hitman” <hitman@mail2business.com>

To: undisclosed-recipients:;

I am pleased to inform you that we have been paid to assassinate you by your co-worker in your office. I want you to listen very carefully about your safety and do not, i repeat, do not try in anyway doing anything funny in other words, trying to inform any security agent because this is our business, and we know how to do it best.

We have our network all over the world.In order not to endanger your life the more you are advice to co-operate with us to know if we can change our initial plan to assassinate you. Once you are in receipt of this message, i will like you to get back to us immediately as delay is dangerous.

I wait to hear from you on this matter within the next 24 hours and that is if you appreciate and love your existence. Please do not in anyway communicate this or discuss this with anybody because you wouldn’t know whom you are talking with. OUR WATCH-DOG ARE ON YOU. DO NOT MAKE ANY MISTAKE.


Lucky You.

This one gets right to the point with the subject “HITMAN” in all caps. (As we’ve noted before, capitalization is common among fraud emails.) Obviously, if you were going to get email from a hit man it would say “HITMAN” in the subject.

Next, it’s from somebody named  “hitman” who uses the address <hitman@mail2business.com>.  Riiight. Why wouldn’t an assassin use an occupation based email address?

The message is to “undisclosed-recipients” which means it was BCCed to a whole bunch of people. Another typical fraud feature. (Note: Your email client may say something other than “undisclosed-recipients:;” when no recipient is specified.)

The body of the message is the best part. We love the tone the supposed assassin uses: “I am pleased to inform you that we have been paid to assassinate you by your co-worker in your office.” As if they were letting you know that your magazine article submission has been accepted or something. Also, now you not only have to believe somebody would hire an assassin to kill you but you also have to work in an office.

As usual with fraud messages the grammar, punctuation and spelling indicate that this was written by a not very successful ESL student. You’d think that they would figure out a fraud that tricks aspiring writers into writing these emails for them. We’ll keep an eye out for that.

And, after threatening your life they close with “GOD BE WITH YOU,GOOD LUCK!!!.” Good luck? If you care that much just don’t kill us. Okay? Maybe the intention here is to stun the reader with cognitive dissonance. We’re certainly confused by it.

Finally, if you are using our spam control service, you’ll probably never see one of these in the wild. If you’re not and you get a message like this we have only one thing to say: GOD BE WITH YOU AND GOOD LUCK:)

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