Gevalia – Serving Up Fresh Brewed Spam

Based on the volume of junk mail promoting Gevalia, there must be exceptional profit to be made in spamming the public pushing coffee club memberships.

We’re seeing Gevalia spam from throwaway domains such as:

“Gevalia Coffee” <>
“Gevalia Offer!” <>
“Gevalia Coffee” <>
“Gevalia Coffee” <>
gevalia <>

And with subject lines like:

Special news for coffee lovers
Gevalia – Home is where it happens
Gevalia is giving away a coffeemaker and travel mug
`Gevalia `Coffee – `YOUR `EXCLUSIVE `GIFT `INSIDE !
gevalia stainless steel coffee collection, not available in stores

While many other domains and subject lines are used, what these emails have in common is that they display ads such as:


Gevalia Coffee Spam

Click for larger Image

While the sending and hyper-linked domain change almost daily, the hyper-links in these spams always redirect to Gevalia’s actual web site. For instance:
redirects to:

recirects to:

Regardless of which link you follow, you still end up at Gevalia’s site:


Gevalia Coffee Spam Landing page

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The reason for all the junk/throw-a-way domains is that this tactic allows Gevalia (or their affiliates) to pay lip-service to spam laws as you probably can unsubscribe from “” and “” and all the others, but of course you’ll still receive their garbage email from their endless stream of junk spam domains.

And if there’s any doubt whatsoever that these senders have any illusion they’re not spamming, just look at all the stuffed content they cram into the bottom of their emails an attempt to avoid spam filters:


Gevalia Coffee Spam Word Stuffing

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The randomized text is pure nonsense and displayed in the same color as the background in order to make it invisible to the human reader but seen by computerized spam filtering.

Gevalia must believe they’re above the law, and sooner or later some attorney general or motivated lawyer might take notice.  Until then, the endless spam is enough to make us want to drink tea.


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