Bank of America Alert: Message from Customer Service – Phishing Example

We’ve pointed out in the past how BoA makes phishing easy and today’s phishing example is an example of somebody taking advantage of BoA’s “please phish us” email policy.

Subject: Bank of America Alert: Message from Customer Service

From: “Bank of America Alert” <>

Here’s what it looks like:

BoA phishing example
BoA phishing example

Seems fairly legit so far. Let’s dig a little deeper . . .

Notice that the email above is full of links (since we only posted an image you’ll have to take our word for it – the blue text is all links). Normally these would all link to various things that BoA wants you to visit. Presumably all at

<rant>BoA persists in filling their email with links which is just asking for phishing like this. If you are a BoA customer, write to them and complain. A good bank email will just say visit us at without linking to the URL and also warn you not to click on links in emails that claim to be from</rant>

We checked the links and they all go to this URL:

There are three clues here:

  1. All of the links go to the same URL. Based on their texts the links should go to different URLs. In a real BoA email they might all go to but there would be different file names or sub-domains added like or In this case they’re all exactly the same. This alone proves the email is fake.
  2. If you follow the dots in the URL you’ll eventually see that it ends up leading to While it’s true that banks don’t always use their main domain for email links. When they don’t it’s usually something to do with transaction processing. We tried to visit and Firefox flagged it as a known web forgery.
  3. The URL is a classic example of a phishing URL. It has waaay too many dots and is at the wrong end.

Once again if you are a Bank of America customer, please email them and suggest that they should place security above convenience by not including links in their official emails.

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