Autentificate your account – Phishing Example

Today’s new word is autentificate.

As in: “You need to autentificate your craigslist account.”

In this instance autentificate can be defined as “give up the login credentials for” or “compromise”.

As in: “You’d be better off if you didn’t autentificate.”

Subject: Autentificate your account

From: Craigslist<>

Requiring re-authentication of some accounts.

Sorry for the hassles, but as part of our ongoing anti-spam efforts, we are requiring that some accounts that were previously authenticated , re-authenticate.

Thank you for your patience as we try to make the system better for everyone.

Please log in to authenticate your account :

Thank you for using craigslist

In the copies of this email that we saw, the link that appears to go to actually links to Note the missing dot between account (which is also not plural) and craigslist as well as the use of .net instead of .com in the target domain.

Nice little piece of legerdomain. (Sorry we couldn’t resist.)

Learn more about domain sleight of hand and how to detect it.

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